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dreaMS of a CURE – Yes please!

Multiple Sclerosis comes with its challenges. Heck, in the last year I have had 3 relapses alone. Stress induced I imagine…but anyone who knows me knows that I don’t do things halfway, I go all in but with this disease, that has created some challenges for me.

1st Relapse – lost vision in left eye for 3 weeks. That was a doozy! Little freaky running computer reports with that going on! :D But, 3 day steroids via IV and yeah, vision back, not so yeah, more weight.

2nd Relapse – lost more feeling in my right hip/thigh. Weird sensation when you can’t feel touch, temperature, or anything. Makes for difficult walking sometimes. 5 days IV steroids treatment.

3rd Relapse – this was the big one! Lost more feeling on right side hip thigh area. Crazy walking issues. 5 day iv steroid treatment.

So, yes please let’s find a cure.  I am sure that mine is minor compared to others out there.  Some can’t walk anymore, some have totally lost their vision, some have other issues.  It is different for everyone.  Let’s raise funds, awareness and get into the spirit of giving to help find a cure for this debilitating disease! ;)