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It is what it is!

I have been known to say this to most anything in my adult life.  Things that I can’t change that have happened to me or my family.  My mom even purchsed me a plaque that I have proudly displaying in my craft room with this saying. It is a self explanatory comment.  I can’t change that I have Multiple Sclerosis and I can’t ask why this happened to me and be sorry for myself.  I have to do the best I can and adapt to a new normal.  A new normal for me is learning when to not be so stressed, or to say “NO” to doing things I would normally always say yes to.  A new normal is learning that I need rest.  A new normal is yes, I have to inject myself and take medication, but none of that defines “ME” or who I am.  That is something I live with but it is not what/who I am. 

It is meant for me to live through this as a testimony to others or perhaps my own personal journey closer with the Lord. When we fall hard, we tend to seek HIM the most.  I am most certain that I am not perfect but I do believe that in my heart I have a faith that one day my Lord will come in swiftly and take me home where I no longer suffer and am healed in every possible way.  In the meantime I will deal with my life the same, “It is what it is!”