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IVIG – Gamunex-C

I started this new therapy last month.  It is an infusion medication called Gamunex-C.  It is immunoglobulins that are processed from human blood plasma designed to help improve my immune system. 

I started this in October and it was not a great start on this medication as I landed in the hospital from severe nausea and vomiting, and a MASSIVE migraine!  We have since learned that I need to slow the infusion down more and prepare better with benadryl and ibuprofen  before, during and after the daily infusion. 

I will be continuing this therapy for approximately 5-6 more months but only 2 days a month now.  Phew…thank goodness!  It takes 7 hours to get this infusion and I am just exhausted from it each day.  But I have noticed improvement in my eyesight, my energy levels, and my get up and go spirit.  So, I am holding onto promise that this is going to continue improving me. 

A word of caution to anyone about to start new medications, investigate, research, look into the side effects and see what others experiences were.  Don’t just trust that it is automatically the best thing to do.  Everyone is different in their reactions too.  Be proactive in your healthcare!