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Making Connections…

I am connected to virtually almost anything I can get my hands on in relation to MS research and ways that I can improve my personal quality of living with this disease.  I am connected through Facebook forums, through Tweets on Twitter, through the National MS Society’s page and throug other avenues in relation to MS.  I attend seminars, I am a sponge.  I soak it up literally.  As with anything though, I have to concentrate and pray that what I take from it is valid and try to see if there are natural ways that I can improve my life and health. 

It takes connections. Connections with people, connections with information, connection with data and research, and connections with yourself.  Connections are important in multiple sclerosis because essentially the disease itself ruins your body’s connections and stops things from functioning properly. My left eye is not the same, my low back and right hip I can’t feel, and I am not myself sometimes.  I lose my bodily “Connection.”  However, I have many connections that have come from this disease and that is a strong support network of other sufferers, caregivers, and I love making people aware of what invisible diseases can do to a person’s body. 

If you have MS or know someone living with it, make sure you or they are connected.  In all ways.  Be an advocate for yourself and empower yourself to make connections.  Connections can be healing in and of themselves.