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MS – The Cost of It All

Did you know that researchers are working hard every day to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis???  This takes time and funds to make this happen. 

Let me give you some figures as found from the National MS Society website:

Over $36 million is applied to research annually!

It costs on average for ONE MS patient $69k each year – THANK GOODNESS FOR INSURANCE!

How does your money help out? Besided research, here are some other ways your money is applied:

$75 – Gets basic ramp access for a home
$100 – Gets an MS patient bathroom safety grab bars
$250 – Proved a window air conditioning unit – MS people react to heat
$400 – Manual Wheelchair
$1,600 – Access modification for a vehicle
$1,800 – Scooter
$3,000 – Powered Wheelchair

It costs to have this disease.  Believe me I KNOW!  I have a hard time with insurance, can’t imagine for those without it.  My meds alone without insurance for just my MS Shot, $3,500 for 4 vials.  You heard me right. I call it liquid gold in a vial.  But, if it works to help slow down my progression of the disease, then it is well worth it.  I am only 33 and don’t want to already be disabled.  I have too much planned to deal with that!  :D

Help us to raise funds to help others cope with MS!  Every dollar is appreciated and used wisely!