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The Rewards!

This week I am traveling to Denver, CO to attend the National MS Society Annual Conference. I am fortunate that since I started fundraising in large amounts that I am rewarded this trip each year. The benefits are amazing as I get to attend workshops that help me with my MS and help with my fundraising efforts each year. I get to network with others who have MS, who are caregivers, who are advocates, who are researchers, who are fundraisers, who are big names and suffer with MS and soak up all things that make living with this disease a little more bearable. There are so many things I learn and we also have a great time.

I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. And I get to see David Osmond again! I love what the National MS Society supports and I am glad I can raise funds and have a good time doing it! See you all in Denver, CO! Safe travels!