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Why the Camaro and Mustang in our car show logo?

I have been asked many times why those specific two cars are in our logo. Well, it is because the mustang is my 67 and the Camaro is my husband’s 67. My car I have only owned 2 years, but the Camaro was my husband’s first car when he was in high school. So he has had it since the mid-80′s. However, he just in the last year has brought it out of his Dad’s storage and is restoring it. It is bare metal right now getting body work done and a new paint job to come. It was originally red as represented in the logo, but not sure what it will be. He can’t make up his mind on his color choices!

My car is still a work in progress now on the mechanicals…the mustang “look” is pretty much complete and she has already won at least 3 plaques! We have a love for old cars, mine is for cruisers and the look of them, his is for the hotrod part, the faster the better and anyone who knows my husband knows he likes speed!

Now you know about our car show logo! :D